Shop rate $60/hr

Bottom Jobs: This is what we do most. It's a dirty, nasty job, but someone has to do it. Email me with your boat details and I will send an estimate. If you don't have a trailer for your boat, we can haul your boat for transport to the shop. We have  trailers to accommodate boats from small swing keel up to about 16,000lb fixed keel boats.

Hull Refinishing: Specializing in Awlgrip paint systems.

Rigging: We can do anything from rope-wire halyards for cruising boats to stripped cover high tech halyards for racing boats. We have a complete stock of wire and fittings for standing rigging and lifelines. Click here for the Rigging Shop.

Fiberglass Repair:


Trailers: We can custom build a sailboat trailer, repair or modify your trailer.

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